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ShinyStat™ Pro version features

ShinyStat™ Pro is the online audience measurement tool for professional use and represents the ideal solution for those who look for a comprehensive overview of the website traffic performance with the aim to evaluate the visitors' interest and optimize the web site performance.

ShinyStat™ Pro is therefore particularly suitable for brochure or institutional websites, which are intended to provide information or special in-depths.

The service provides:

    • Not-Provided Keywords
    • Socio-Demographic data
    • Password protected reports
    • Latest 200 visits details
    • Monitoring all pages
    • Pay Per Click measurement
    • Geolocalization
    • Visit frequency
    • Time reports
    • Invisible Counter
    • IP Address exclusion
    • Historical data
    • Technical support
    • B2B (Business to Business) Module - to analyse visits by companies
    • ShinyStat™ Mobile Analytics
    • ShinyStat™ Video Analytics

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Ask for the free trial ShinyStat™ Pro

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In order to install ShinyStat, you have to insert its HTML code into all the pages of your website.
Please read the installation notes before proceeding.